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Vein Services Provided

Our Vascular Center Specializes in the Treatment of Vein Disease.

Bulging Varicose Veins

Bulging, puffy or very exposed red, blue or purple veins could be a sign of varicose veins, and should be medically examined.

Red, Swollen, Legs

Red, swollen legs are often a sign of venous disease and circulation issues. The pain can often be unbearable and should be treated.

Tingling or Numbs Legs

Numbness, tingling or any other sensation in your legs, are often a sign of venous insufficiency and should be medically checked ASAP.

Non-Healing Wounds or Ulcers

If you are experiencing recurring or non-healing wounds or ulcers in your legs, ankles or feet, it could be due to a venous circulation issue and should be seen by a vascular surgeon ASAP.

Tired, Heavy or Throbbing Legs

If you are experiencing tired, heavy or throbbing legs, it could be because the veins get enlarged when they elasticity of the veins become compromised. This makes the veins weak and tends to pool blood in the legs instead of recirculating it. 

If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms call us ASAP to discuss your treatment options.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are purple-blue veins that appear to be twisting and bulging just below the skins surface. Approximately 40 million Americans struggle with painful  varicose veins. 

Spider Veins

Spider veins appear similar to “spider webs” on the legs as a network of red, blue and/or purple-ish networks of small veins. Often they cause discomfort and itchiness.  

Numb, Tingling Legs

A very common symptom of venous disease in the legs is numb, tingling or burning sensations in the legs.  Often this discomfort can completely disrupt your day or lifestyle.

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